Greater Northeast Optimist Club Detroit

"Recycle the Spirit of Togetherness"


Surrounding out community with love.

Mission Statement

“To create a link between the community and the Greater Northeast Optimist Club for the improvement of life outcomes of our youth.”


Our objective is to give back to our community and our youth. Members are not paid for their services. They volunteer their time as a means to fiving back to the community. Our organization is funded by donations and various fundraising events.

Charitable Contributions

Meals on Wheels
Angel Tree with Oasis of Hope Christian Church
Warming Center with Emmanuel Bethel Church-Royal Oak, MI
Hallelujah Night (Halloween alternative for the youth) with Oasis of Hope Christian Church

Volunteer Opportunities

Adopted Jerry L. White Center High School, Detroit, MI
Annual Volunteer with CSA Michigan Southeast Festival, University of MI, Dearborn, MI